Security Services

Firewalls provide a first line of defense for your network; they are the single point of entry and should state-fully inspect each network packet entering your network, to verify its authenticity and integrity. IT Maximum provides a turn-key, managed firewall solution for the small to medium sized business, with 7x24 monitoring and the highest priority response to any threat against your network.

IT Maximums certified staff of Security Engineers, has over 10 years of industry experience; each engineer is an expert in IT security protocols, and certified with several security products.

Virtual Office Solutions: Utilizing "Best of Breed" VPN technology, IT Max can customize a VPN solution to meet your business requirements. This technology empowers businesses to have the freedom to expand and become mobile, while still having full access to their mission critical data.

IT Max has partnered with several vendors for our security appliances, this allows us to tailor each solution uniquely for each client.

Juniper Networks (Netscreen): These appliances are state of the art. When it comes to security and functionality the Juniper firewall appliances can meet any business requirements. They provide wire speed data throughput as well as state-full inspection and feature a unique option called Deep Inspection, DI allows the netscreen to check the packet at every layer of the OSI Model, not just the first three as is done by other firewalls. A few models also provide EMAIL/WEBMAIL scanning as well.

CISCO: Cisco's PIX devices provides security and vpn capability to any network, and with the CISCO brand, our clients are assured of compatibility as well as reliability.

NORTEL CONTIVITY: Focusing on the Contivity 600, this device provides the most VPN's for your business dollar right out of the box. The contivity 600 offers up to 50 vpn tunnels, and due to its modular nature, this unit can scale easily with any business.

SONICWALL: These devices provide a secure and cost effective solution for the small business, the higher end units also feature content filtering without the hassle of an external server.

At IT Maximum our focus is on providing our clients with the highest level of quality service

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